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Hangzhou Dongshen Machinery Engineering Co., Ltd is a company specially dealing with EPS machines, EPS moulds and spare parts for EPS machines. We can supply all kinds of EPS machines like EPS Preexpanders, EPS Shape Molding Machines, EPS Block Molding Machines, CNC Cutting Machines etc. Having strong technical team, we help clients to design their new EPS factories and supply whole turn-key EPS projects to them, also we help old EPS factories to improve their production by reducing energy consumption and increasing production capacity. Apart from that, we offer the service of designing special EPS machines as per clients request. We also custom make EPS moulds for other brand EPS machines from Germany, Korea, Japan, Jordan etc.

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  • K 2022

    The German K Show was founded in November 1952 and held every three years. By 2019, it had successfully held 21 sessions. It will be the 22nd grand event in 2022. The exhibition is a large-scale, high-level and representative plastic industry event in the world. As the world’s rubber and plastic exhibition, K exhibition is world-famous not only for its scale, but also because its convening has given birth to new incentives and brought new business opportunities to all areas of the industry According to the statistics of the organizer Messe D ü sseldorf, in 2019, a total of 224116 visi...

  • October 1, 2022 is the 73rd anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China.

    On December 2, 1949, the resolution adopted at the fourth meeting of the Central People’s Government Committee stated: “The Central People’s Government Committee hereby declares that since 1950, October 1, the great day on which the People’s Republic of China was proclaimed, has been the National Day of the People’s Republic of China. In 1999, China revised and released the National Holiday Measures for Annual Festivals and Memorial Days, which combined the National Day with adjacent Saturdays and Sundays into a 7-day National Day holiday, known as the “N...

  • How to recycle the wasted EPS products?

    Expandable polystyrene (EPS) has developed rapidly and is widely used in various shockproof packaging, architecture, decoration, tableware and so on. However, most of the EPS packaging materials are disposable consumables, which are not easy to degrade after being discarded, causing great pollution to the environment. Therefore, the development of the recycling, regeneration and regeneration of EPS has become the most urgent task of the current EPS packaging industry. In recent years, the recycling and utilization of EPS wastes in China has received the attention of relevant departments. Th...

  • Recently, several Turkish customers have purchased EPS floor heating panel mold, so today we will talk about the application of EPS floor heating panel.

    EPS floor heating insulation panel is the most important in the floor heating system. Heat transfer between households can save energy or waste 20% of the heating system. Since floor heating is a heating system buried underground, there is only one floor between floors, so thermal insulation is more important. In the floor heating pavement, the insulation panel plays the role of heat insulation, which has the advantages of light weight, low water absorption and low thermal conductivity. It can prevent the loss of heat in the floor heating, and also play a certain sound insulation and moistu...

  • EPS foam CNC cutting machine is to cut EPS blocks to required shapes as per designed drawing. Machine is controlled by PC.

    EPS foam CNC cutting machine uses the micro motor controlled by the computer to move and complete the corresponding cutting function under the cutting of the electric heating wire. Precision control enables the machine to cut almost any given shape, and its cutting thickness is the same as that of the material used. By designing and cutting different interfaces of a workpiece, it can also make complex three-dimensional materials, which has a very wide range of applications.   EPS foam CNC cutting machine is a precise numerical control machine, which can cut EPS foam into decorative lines of...