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Hangzhou Dongshen Machinery Engineering Co., Ltd is a company specially dealing with EPS machines, EPS moulds and spare parts for EPS machines. We can supply all kinds of EPS machines like EPS Preexpanders, EPS Shape Molding Machines, EPS Block Molding Machines, CNC Cutting Machines etc. Having strong technical team, we help clients to design their new EPS factories and supply whole turn-key EPS projects to them, also we help old EPS factories to improve their production by reducing energy consumption and increasing production capacity. Apart from that, we offer the service of designing special EPS machines as per clients request. We also custom make EPS moulds for other brand EPS machines from Germany, Korea, Japan, Jordan etc.

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  • What’s the application of EPS block molding machine?

    EPS Block Molding Machine is to produce EPS blocks. According to different cooling way, EPS block molding machine can be catogorized to expanded polystyrene vacuum block molding machine and expanded polystyrene air cooling block molding machine. Air cooling block molding machine is suitable for small capacity request and low density blocks production, it’s economic machine. Vacuum block molding machine can produce high density blocks, works fast cycle, with low water content in blocks. Machine all complete with control box, vacuum system, weighing system etc. Type has standard type, transla...

  • What is the EPS mould process of double sealed refrigerator?

    The invention discloses a mold and a production process for the production of EPS packaging lining of double sealed refrigerator, including a moving mold and a fixed mold. The sides around the fixed mold are provided with a bottom plate corresponding to the inner side of the bottom of the moving mold, the top of the bottom plate is provided with a bottom mold, a packaging lining is arranged between the moving mold and the bottom mold, the top surface of the moving mold is provided with a cover plate, and the surface of the cover plate is provided with a plurality of cylinders, A plurality o...

  • About the customs of the Mid-Autumn Festival

    “Mid-Autumn Festival”, also known as “Yue Xi”, as early as the Spring and Autumn Period, the emperor had begun to worship the moon and worship the moon. It was gradually spread to the people. “Book of Tang Taizong Ji” contained “August 15 Mid-Autumn Festival” to the early Tang Dynasty, Mid-Autumn Festival became a fixed festival. The Mid-Autumn Festival began in the Song Dynasty and became one of the most important festivals in my country during the Ming and Qing Dynasties, and it was also the second largest traditional festival after the Spri...

  • How to install EPS mold to EPS shape molding machine

    1. Push the mold with the filling gun and ejector pre-installed into the EPS shape molding machine, and the designated operator will lift the mold; 2. Fix the fixed mold and moveable mold pressing plate, each mold has no less than 20 pressing plates, and the pressing plates are installed evenly. Then install the material filling gun, ejector, material pipe, steam pipe, drain pipe, and water inlet pipe in sequence. 3. Clamp the mold, adjust the fixed-moving mold support plate and the mold back plate tightly. 4. Mould support plate requirements, more than three support plates are installed fo...

  • At present, the foreign trade export industry in 2021 is generally very busy

    At present, the foreign trade export industry in 2021 is generally very busy. However, some new problems have also emerged, such as the sharp increase in raw material prices, the shortage of space, the soaring ocean freight, the unabated trend of RMB appreciation, and the problem of persistently high labor costs. The superposition of these factors will inevitably bring many uncertain risks to the majority of export companies. With shipping space and lack of containers, the increase in ocean freight is ultimately caused by the epidemic. As the epidemic situation abroad is still very serious...